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The Magnolia Street Art Space is looking for 14 artists to display their work in 10'x10' outdoor tents as a part of the Art in the Derby art fair. These tents will be set up and provided at no cost to the artists! We are seeking artists who are professional, have work ready to show and ideally, have previously shown their work in other art fairs. if you are interested in displaying your work in the fair, please submit the following application right away. The deadline for applications is September 22, 2018. We will begin selecting artists right away, SO DON'T DELAY! Just download the form, fill in your info, save as a new file using your name and send to:


(or you may just answer all of the questions within the body of an email to send to the above address.)

Artist awards are planned for the event. Winners will receive certificates, plus cash prizes as follows:

Peoples Choice:  $75


Best of Show:  $75

1st Prize:  $50

2nd Prize:  $30

3rd Prize:  $25

Student Awards: 

1st Prize:  $20

2nd Prize:  $15

3rd Prize:  $10

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numbered activity centers:


1 -   artist tent, reserved, Don Woodard

2 -   artist tent, available

3 -   artist tent, available

4 -   artist tent, available

5 -   artist tent, available

6 -   artist tent, available

7 -   artist tent, reserved, Naomi Gagnon

8 -   artist tent, reserved, Nicole Korbe

9 -   artist tent, available

10 - artist tent, reserved, Thomas Carr

11 - artist tent, reserved, Kristin Henning

12 - artist tent, reserved, Angela Rameriz

13 - artist tent, reserved, Commerce City

                                        Cultural Council/

                                        Raffle booth

14 - artist tent, reserved, Aaron Comino 

15 - Children's Creative Center

16 - Disc Jockey

17 - Food Trucks

18 - 52' semi trailer and truck/exhibit gallery

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